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Budget Crisis

Public Education 

Public Safety

Oklahoma's Budget Crisis

Revenue failure is leadership failure.

The state of Oklahoma is facing yet another massive budget failure ($870 million dollar shortfall). The inability of the house, senate, and governor to pass any legislation to address these billion dollars overdrafts is unacceptable. Teachers are leaving en masse, state troopers are facing mandatory limits on how far they can drive, fundamental services are being slashed. This ongoing budget crisis is self inflicted by the existing leadership. One party controls all three houses of Oklahoma government and are solely responsible for our budget crisis. 

My goal is to stop the hemorrhage of money from our state coffers, not by enacting taxes on working class folks, but by revoking billion dollar tax giveaways to corporations and the rich. I support increasing the GPT (Gross Production Tax) on oil production in this state from the current 2%, to a more reasonable 7%. I also want to restore tax rates for the wealthiest in Oklahoma back to pre-2010 levels.

Even oil production companies have called on the legislature to raise the GPT. Oklahoma is the number 5 state in terms of oil and gas production. Our GPT is lower than every other oil and gas producing state including Texas and Montana. 

Please read this editorial by lifelong Oklahoman and oilman, Dewey Bartlett, who agrees that we need to restore this vtal revenue.

Oil Companies Don't Need Subsidies

Public Education

I am the product of an Oklahoma public education. I went to high school at Northwest Classen in Oklahoma City. My children go to Oklahoma City public schools. I am very supportive of a vibrant and well funded public education system. Oklahoma is rapidly in danger of having neither. 

Schools have faced massive cuts in funding in the last 6 years. Oklahoma teachers are ranked 49th nationwide in pay. Multiple counties are forced to have a four day school week. Oklahoma teachers are leaving at an alarming rate.

Tax cut gifts to big oil by the controlling political party at the capitol are $216 million dollars, funding cuts to schools - $214 million dollars. These cuts have to be reversed.

As your next senator, I will focus all of my energy on finding ways to restore funding to education. Any politician wasting time on any other project, needs to be removed from office. 

Oklahoma Education Association - Fight for Funding

Public Safety

Public safety is an important issue to me. I have worked for the Oklahoma City Police Department for over ten years. I have witnessed firsthand the impact on our communities when budget cuts affect the ability of law enforcement to have necessary manpower.

The Department of Public Safety is responsible for patrolling our highways, enforcing traffic laws, working non-injury, injury, and fatality accidents, and serving smaller communities with no municipal police force. Our legislature has failed to address funding shortfalls again for the 3rd year in a row. DPS Commissioner Michael Thompson warns of "crippling" effects if lawmakers slash DPS budget again this year by 15%.

DPS Commissioner Warns of "Crippling" Cuts

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